June 29, 2022

Kavanaugh And The “Katechon”, Or The End Of Politics As We Know It (Carl Raschke)

Now that it is over, the vicious political battle that raged these past two weeks over the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court appears less significant for its outcome than for what it revealed about what we might term the “deep culture” of America. What it revealed, in effect, is that this deep […]

Nor On The Soles of Her Shoes? The King Of Infinite Space (Roger Green)

The tendency toward universalizing concepts has its legacy within the foundation of Religious Studies as a discipline, which, though little known outside the field, has recently interrogated its underwritten Protestant biases.  This work continues, despite the fact that many religiously sentimental scholars merely take discussions of “postsecularism” to be an invitation to bring surface-level scriptural […]

Carl Schmitt And The True German Origins Of Political Theology (Jonathan Cole)

“Sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” Thus opens the book that is said to have given birth to political theology—Carl Schmitt’s Political Theology, published in German in 1922. This deceptively simple proposition opens a highly stimulating and insightful examination of the relationship between sovereignty, law and the state. But what does Political Theology […]