March 27, 2023

Literary Conversations 1 – Steven Dunn and Selah Saterstrom on the Novel, Tragedy And Sacrifice (Roger Green)

In this new series of Literary Conversations, New Polis general editor Roger Green engages with contemporary writers on aesthetic and thematic trends in their work. The initial conversation is posted above, followed by Roger’s reflections on the conversation below the transcript. Steven Dunn is the author of the novels Potted Meat (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2016) and […]

Like Ghosts From An Enchanter Fleeing – Denver’s Divinatory Poetics (Roger Green)

The following essay in several parts is written as an apparatus for a public talk sponsored by the Denver-based group, Cri. In presenting it, my intention is both to show theoretical work in action and to defend it as a method, so it begins with an account of some major shifts in literary theory. Later, […]