December 6, 2022

Global Anthropogenesis And The Black Messianic Animal, Or Relation’s Ban Of Contact With The Ruptured Flesh Of The Earth, Part 2 (Andrew Santana Kaplan)

The following is the second of a two-part series. The first can be found here. It is nonetheless instructive for me to engage Meyer’s project as a means of elaborating and contradistinguishing my notion of the black messianic animal—especially as a messianic thought singularly subtracted from its usual attendant logics of eschatological redemption. Before proceeding […]

Political Theology Needs To Grow Up And Become A Real Discipline (Jonathan Cole)

Contemporary Christian political theology presents a rather confusing picture. A cacophony of voices offers conflicting accounts of what the Bible says about politics and what a normative Christian attitude towards politics ought to look like. Many of these accounts infer or perform eisegesis on Scriptural warrants for any number of contemporary political ideologies, movements, parties […]