June 9, 2023

The Heretic And The Iconoclast – Sylvia Wynter’s Engagement With Derrida, Part 1 (Brendan John Brown)

The following article consists in a three-part-series. The full article can be found in The New Polis Journal. “The density of History determines none of my acts”-Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks[1] “unheard-of thoughts are required, thoughts that are sought across the memory of old signs” -Jacques Derrida, Voice and Phenomenon[2] “Human beings are magical”- […]

CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS – Psychedelic Aesthetics And the Crises of Liberalism , An Interview With Roger Green (Critical Conversations)

The following Critical Conversation took place on February 17, 2022 with Roger Green, author of A Transatlantic Political Theology of Psychedelic Aesthetics: Enchanted Citizens. Carl Raschke: Welcome to critical conversations, again. Tonight, or this afternoon, or this morning, depending on what time zone you’re in, we have Roger Green presenting. Roger is an old and […]

The Fracturing Of World Order – A Series of International and Interdisciplinary Online Mini-Conferences, Call For Papers And Presentations (Announcement)

The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory and The New Polis in collaboration with representatives of the University of Denver announces a call for papers and presentations for a set of international and interdisciplinary online mini-conferences on the topic of “The Fracturing of World Order.” JCRT and The New Polis are part of the family […]

Putin’s Evil Empire Secretly Enabled By His Corrupt Western Elite Paymasters (Carl Raschke)

Putin’s vicious assault on Ukraine has been a long time in coming.  But it is not simply the case that the American and European establishment underestimated all along Putin’s grievances and his resolve to use brutal force, even egregiously violate international law, to assuage them.   All at once many among the cosmopolitan elites and the […]