June 9, 2023

Is Scotland A Colony? (Richard Saville-Smith)

The following was given as a presentation at the international conference “Decoloniality And Disintegration Of Western Cognitive Empire – Rethinking Sovereignty And Territoriality In The 21st Century” in April 2021. In 2019 The Right Honourable Boris Johnson had Her Majesty the Queen appoint him as the first ‘The Minister for the Union’, as the first […]

The Myth Of “One World” – Deep Globalization, Or Why Everything Is Simultaneously Coming Together And Coming Apart? (Announcement)

How do we make sense of the present world, which seems to be simultaneously coming together and coming apart at the seams? From a seemingly interminable Covid pandemic to the accelerating threat of natural disasters and social dislocations brought about by climate change, the now familiar term “globalization” has now become fraught with contradictory connotations. […]