May 22, 2024


In this age of increasing global economic inequality, political chaos, environmental threats, racial and ethnic strife, gender struggles, and the corruption of so much of media and academia, the public needs a thoughtful and critical voice to take a deeper look at domestic and international trends as well as the news of the day.

We aim to offer that voice without succumbing to ideological posturing, political polemicizing, or hyperpartisan ranting.

The New Polis is both an e-magazine and a scholarly journal.  Since its founding in early 2018 it has served as an academic weblog publishing informed and researched articles, or essays,  on a weekly to monthly basis.  It will be redesigned in January 2022 as a full-fledged, peer-reviewed, online journal on a range of topics involving critical theory, social analysis, and political philosophy. The New Polis is a venture of The Whitestone Foundation dba Whitestone Publications, a non-profit 501(c) corporation that also publishes The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, Religious Theory, and Esthesis.  It is published in co-operation with the University of Denver and York College of Pennsylvania.