April 1, 2023

The Political Enigma Of Jordan Peterson (Jonathan Cole)

The political narrative regarding Jordan Peterson now appears set in stone – he is an ideological warrior of the right. Fans and detractors alike seem to agree on this much. The only residual dispute, still capable of generating enough friction to power a small town, is whether this political identity renders him a messiah or […]

Walter Benjamin’s Notes On Various Topics, The Body And Sexuality, Part 3

Translated by Rachel Thomas.  Edited by Carl Raschke. The following is the third part of a series of translated fragments (or “short prose”) from the writings of Walter Benjamin, beginning around the time of World War I.  The first part can be found here.  The second can be found here.  Some of these fragments, such as […]

Amorous Agonism And The Allergy To Difference – Part 3 (Roger Green)

I ended my previous post pointing to a critique of Spirit in its eurochristian derivation.  This series of posts has been based on a broader critique of Catherine Keller’s Political Theology of the Earth wherein she relies on a concept of amorous agonism to develop a processually-based (or constructivist) theology on a tweaked version of Walter Benjamin’s “weak […]

“Fake News” And Political Polarization In America (Christopher Layton)

Fake news has flourished in the current politically polarized climate that has persisted over the past thirty years. In the year leading up to the United States 2016 presidential election fake news has produced misinformation on social media platforms and served to diminish the credibility of mainstream news networks, further dividing the American public, not […]

Amorous Agonism And The Allergy To Difference – Part 2 (Roger Green)

In my previous post, I drew on a longer genealogy of liberalism by Aryeh Botwinick to address Catherine Keller’s recent book, Political Theology of the Earth.  Botwinick’s “The Good of Liberalism: Weak Messianism” develops a genealogy of weak messianism informing liberalism as far back as Maimonides.  He then sees a parallel in post-holocaust Jewish ethical philosophy, […]