February 3, 2023

The Political Theory Of Myth (Carl Schmitt)

Editors note: Carl Schmitt’s “Die Politische Theorie des Mythus” (“The Political Theory of Myth”) , published in 1923, is one of his most important early essays and came out about the same time as his book Political Theology, his most well-known text. It is translated here for the first time into English. The essay, which […]

The Great Resignation, The Great Refusal, Or The General Strike That Is And Isn’t (Carl Raschke)

The crisis of the global, neoliberal order has now entered an acute phase, distinguished by what has become de facto what radical agitators and insurrectionists have dreamed about since the high water mark of the industrial era – a general strike.  The “strike” has neither been fomented from the grass roots nor implemented with any […]