June 13, 2024

Call For Submissions

The New Polis invites submissions both of a scholarly and popular nature that fit within its broad range in topic areas from critical theory and cultural analysis to political thought and theology.

We welcome all areas of expertise in the arts and humanities.  We do not publish social scientific articles with quantitative analysis unless the data merely occasionally supplements through graphs or charts what is basically a qualitative narrative.  In addition, no term papers will be considered or accepted.

All submissions are carefully vetted by its editorial staff, who have advanced academic degrees.  Occasional articles – e.g., reviews, essays, interviews, reflections, editorials, opinion pieces – are reviewed by the senior editors for our weblog and may be selected for publication in the academic journal within two years following initial appearance.

Academic articles should be anywhere from 4,000-10,000 words, although longer submissions will also be considered.  All academic articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word, or Word-compatible, format and have Chicago-style documentation.  In additions, submissions must include an abstract and the author’s curriculum vitae.

Occasional articles include reviews, essays, interviews, reflections, editorials, or opinion pieces.  Under certain circumstances videos will also be considered.  Occasional articles must also be submitted in Word, or Word-compatible format.

The New Polis is also most interested in republishing articles that have already appeared on personal blogs or in other electronic media.  If you have already published an article of this sort electronically, please submit the title and the link (along with a brief, one-paragraph summary) and confirm that you own the copyright.

Current international copyright law automatically grants copyright to the original author, unless the author has transferred (or “assigned”) copyright through a written and signed contract.  If such a signed contract is not already in place, the author owns the copyright and may grant permission to The New Polis to publish it.   It is the policy of The New Polis, furthermore, to allow authors to republish articles previously appearing here in any format they deem appropriate.  At the same time, secondary publication must include a credit at the bottom, or at the beginning, of the republished article indicating that it was originally published in The New Polis while providing date of publication, volume number, or URL.

All inquiries or submissions should be sent to editor.thenewpolis@gmail.com.

The style sheet for submissions can be found here.



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