February 2, 2023

A Tainted Trophy And The Framing Of White Supremacy In America, Part 3 (Tink Tinker)

The following is the third of a three-part series. The first can be found here, the second here. The entire article appears in the fall 2022 issue of The New Polis Journal. Through the various methodist episcopal annual conference journals, it is possible to trace RM’s movement from church to church through indiana and then illinois to […]

“Damn It, He’s An Injun!” Christian Murder, Colonial Wealth, And Tanned Human Skin (Tink Tinker, wazhazhe udsethe)

The New Polis is honored to present Dr. Tinker’s follow-up piece to “Redskin, Tanned Hide: A Book of Christian History Bound in the Flayed Skin of an American Indian: The Colonial Romance, christian Denial and the Cleansing of a christian School of Theology,” published in The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion, Volume 5, Issue 9 (October 2014). […]