April 1, 2023

The Dialectic Of Enlightenment From A Postsecular Lens, Part 7 (Roger Green)

I ended my previous post with the following sentiment. It is certainly worth rejecting Horkheimer and Adorno where they are wrong and not refusing to put them on a pedestal. It is also worth seeing the ways we might formulate our arguments in the twenty-first century within a larger critique of totalitarian impulses that they […]

Lacan And The Politics Of Psychoanalysis – An Interview With Thomas Svolos

The following is an interview The New Polis conducted in October 2018 with Lacanian psychoanalyst Thomas Svolos. This interview is built around a consideration of his important 2017 book Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis. In this work, Svolos looks closely at the Lacanian filed in America and draws from his rich experience as a psychoanalyst in an American context. […]